Yes New Bern took a strong hit from Hurricane Florence in September 2018. However this beautiful southern town has proved it’s strength, has survived and is now back stronger than ever.

What is most amazing is that we as a community and as country have come together and made this tragic natural event a transition to better human relations. 

The amount of time and effort shown in recovery from neighbor to neighbor and even stranger to stranger was more than we could hope for and truly commendable. People came to New Bern from all regions of the United States to help out. 

Our Annual Mumfest was held in October and although there was a lot of work yet to be done spirits in New Bern were high. Our town was and is Alive and Well.

New Bern is still on the map. Its unique location is still it’s best feature. Local shops, Restaurants, Theatre and Art Galleries are up and running strong. This is what I call perseverance. 

I encourage you to come and see for yourself. Yes there is “Good Life” After Hurricane Florence and New Bern wouldn’t have it any other way!